The quest to bring sustainable water solutions to an increasingly thirsty planet. 

The Science of Water Sustainability

Explore the possible solutions to address water scarcity through science, and the effect these new initiatives could have in the larger agricultural areas around the world. We also explore technological advancements that are having a quantifiable impact on conserving fresh water through innovation.

Financial Models for Water Sustainability

By Glenn Yago, Steven Zecher Posted 17/04/2016

Wide-ranging advances in water technology can reduce the costs of desalination, recycling, and groundwater storage.

Sustainable Farm

Project Wadi Attir is a groundbreaking initiative of a Bedouin community in Israel’s Negev desert, establishing a model sustainable farm that leverages Bedouin traditional values, know-how and experience with The Sustainability Laboratory’s signature approach to development.

Current and emerging global issues related to Sustainable Development

Professor Martin Visbeck discusses ocean and climate variability and its effect on climate change and water sustainability.