The food, water and energy nexus

Highlighting the nexus between food, energy and water underscores how solving these enormous challenges can help free women, and the world, from life threatening poverty, illness and lack of opportunity.

Exclusive: Matt Damon gets Emotional about the Global Water Crisis

In this candid and emotional interview, Damon discusses the world’s water crisis and how his nonprofit is finding solutions to end open air defecation.

The Wait for Water

Imagine your life without easy access to clean water. Introducing, The Wait for Water – a social experiment capturing the reactions of unsuspecting people around the world when they’re told that they have to wait up to six hours for water. Why 6 hours? In the developing world, this is the amount of time someone can spend every day collecting the clean water they need to survive.

WATEC Israel Water Conference

WATEC is a water technologies international exhibition & conference: the ideal meeting place for manufacturers, researchers, investors, academics, purchasers and decision-makers representing international businesses.

Feeding the World’s Hungry: Fostering an Efficient and Responsive Food Access Pipeline

By Glenn Yago, Jill Scherer, Betsy Zeidman

Getting food to the most people with the fewest resources is a constant challenge for food-assistance agencies, but one that financial tools can help address.

Solar Mini-Grids in Rural Burundi

Claire Kaufman, Milken Innovation Center Global Fellow at Gigawatt Global University of California, Berkeley, analyzes how to organize, regulate, finance, and implement microgrids to create affordable, sustainable energy production and use in developing economies (Burundi).

Many Industries Can Find Water-Energy Connections Somewhere in Their Value Chains

Source: Bloomberg Terminal

This bubble chart shows the water and energy intensity of various industries. The bubble size is proportional to revenue (2013 figures). 

The Global Water Crisis: Why Are India’s Taps Running Dry?

India is reeling under a sustained water crisis that shows no signs of abating. Excessive demand coupled with mismanaged water resources, erratic weather patterns and climate change have led to a sad state of affairs.