The Israel
Water Story

With solutions ranging from low-tech – using aquatic plants to clean waste water – to high-tech – a computer system that monitors moisture in trees – discover how one tiny country is exporting its know-how, technology and commitment in order to bring clean, safe water to millions of people around the world.

‘11th Commandment’

1974- Speaking by radio from Jerusalem, Mr. Walter C. Lowdermilk, Conservationist, ventured the observation that if Moses had foreseen man’s destruction of his surroundings, he might have added an 11th Commandment, which he put in these terms:

“Thou shalt inherit the holy earth as a faithful steward, conserving its resources and productivity from generation to generation. Thou shalt safeguard thy fields from soil erosion, thy living waters from drying up, thy forests from desolation, and protect thy hills from overgrazing by the herds, that thy descendants may have abundance forever. If any shall fail in this stewardship of the land, thy fruitful fields shall become sterile, stony ground and wasting gullies; and thy descendants shall decrease and live in poverty or perish from off the face of the earth.”

Making the Business Case for Water Projects

By Shira Eting Posted 15/09/2016

This research focuses on innovative financial mechanisms to support the export of Israeli water technologies to California municipalities, and its central aim is to test the financial feasibility of water saving projects, or in other words, to make the business case for water. Furthermore, this research looks for a systemic solution to the California water crisis, as a means to tackling the global water problem.

Solutions to California's Water Crisis From Half a World Away

By Stephen Stock, Michael Bott, Jeremy Carroll and Felipe Escamilla

California is facing a water crisis, and a strong El Nino isn’t going to solve the problem. In search of solutions, the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit traveled halfway around the world, to Israel, a country that faced its own water crisis about a decade ago. 

California-Israel Innovation Project

Learn more about how the Milken Innovation Center is implementing a strategy to introduce sustainable water technologies in California’s farms, industry, and municipalities

Photo: Oren Peles / Wikimedia

How Israel Is Solving the Global Water Crisis

David Hazony Founding Editor of The Tower

Israel could not have made the desert bloom without its incredible innovations in water technology. As the world becomes more aware of the importance of conserving water, they are turning to Israel for exports and expertise.

Seth Siegel: How Israelis are helping solve the water crisis

As the world becomes increasingly dry, water activist Seth Siegel, bestselling author of Let There Be Water, explores Israel’s water crisis and reveals how this small country is managing to keep drought at bay – despite the ever-increasing demands on its precious liquid resources.

UN General Assembly Adopts Israeli Agricultural Development Resolution

UN General Assembly Adopts Israeli Agricultural Development Resolution, Despite Abstention of Arab League States
The UN General Assembly adopted on Tuesday a resolution proposed by Israel meant to improve access in developing countries to agricultural technologies.

The resolution will help fulfill Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ goal of promoting sustainable development, the Israeli UN Mission said.